Product Information

Acme Green products are biodegradable and do not form micro plastics. Acme Green products offer a promising alternative to conventional plastic bags as at the core of our business is the need to protect and maintain the environment’s sustainability for generations to come.

Acme Green Pellets The bio-based pellets are produced mainly from starch derived from rice/ corn as well as vegetable oil derivatives and are used to produce eco-friendly bags and films that do not contain polyolefin plastic. In sourcing the raw materials, Acme Green works in close collaboration with local industrial starch producers; which also allows us to maintain consistency in the quality of our pellets and ensures that our company does not compete with the food supply chain for its raw materials.

Acme Green Film The biodegradable film with its unique properties and characteristics separates us from our competitors. Acme Green films have an effective oxygen barrier, anti-static and also good oil resistance properties. Acme Green products undergo comprehensive testing procedures to ensure product quality and eco friendliness.

Potential Applications:

• Shopping bags
• Garbage bags
• Laundry bags
• Disposable aprons
• Pet waste bags
• Electronic wrapping material
• Automotive spare parts wrapping material
• Agriculture polybags

Acme Green pass biodegradation test according to NE13432, tested by OWS. Acme Green pass the Acute Oral Toxicity test, tested by WIL Research-Netherlands. Acme Green is SNI Ekolabel certified for degradable bioplastic shopping bag.